Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 11.14.58 AMProfessor Brian Copeland

Professor Copeland is an active lobbyist for engineering education reform and motivator for change to a regional innovative culture. He has served as Dean of the Faculty of Engineering at UWI St. Augustine since 2007. Prior to this appointment he was Head of Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering – a position he held for ten years.

The highlights of his distinguished professional career include being a joint recipient, along with the G-Pan team, of a Chaconia Medal Gold – one of Trinidad and Tobago’s highest national awards. He has also received the UWI Guardian Life Premium Teaching Award (November 2002) and the BP/AMOCO Fellowship Award for Senior Academic Staff at The UWI (January 2001). Professor Copeland’s was also the lead engineer for the construction of the Queen’s Park Oval’s full statistic electronic cricket display board in 1998.