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    Accreditation by the ICP/PT is only for access to the venue and use of the facilities provided for accredited persons. It does not constitute a license or permission for use of intellectual Property Rights.

    1 General
    These terms and conditions and/or regulations apply to all media practitioners accredited by the International Conference and Panorama (herein after referred to as ICP) in respect of shows and/or events produced and/or organized under the auspices of the ICP. The ICP reserves the right to amend and/or change these terms and conditions and/or regulations at anytime and will notify accredited persons accordingly. ICP reserves the right to withdraw accreditation at anytime for any breach of these terms and conditions.

    2 Accreditation Process
    The application form completed for accreditation, and the information provided thereon shall be read with and form part of these terms and conditions and/or regulations. Any person who fails to complete the application form and/or provide information requested shall not be eligible for consideration. Any information provided on the said form which is erroneous, mis-leading, ambiguous or otherwise not consistent with bonafide completion, shall not be read so as to deprive the ICP of any alternative and/or additional remedy available under law. Individuals seeking accreditation are required to provide the ICP with two (2)passport sized photographs. Companies seeking accreditation of employees must attach to the application form, a letter signed by an authorized officer, stating the names and the number of persons on whose behalf the application is being made, and two(2) passport sized photographs (4.5cmx3.5cm) of each person. Accreditation is at the discretion of the ICP and completion of the application process does not guarantee approval of application.

    3 Access to Facilities
    Accredited persons are allowed entry into shows and/or events promoted ororganized byand/or facilities occupied by the ICP/PT in which the shows or events are being held, but are not permitted access to restricted areas. Such persons must wear, in such away as to be easily visible, any items of clothing and/or badge and/or other form of identification attesting to the accreditation status. Such clothing and/or badge other forms of identification shall be worn at all times during shows and/or events and while the accredited person is inside the ICP/PT facilities. Failure to display evidence of accreditation could result in denial of entry or if such a person has already gained entry, removal from the show and/or facility. Where requested by the ICP officials, accredited persons must produce evidence of accreditation.

    Accreditation or accredited status is NOT transferable and the ICP/PT may remove any person from the show and/or event and/or facility, other than those for which accreditation has been obtained. The ICP will pursue any and all remedies at law in respect of any persons who falsely uses his or her accredited status in shows and/or events in respect of which no accreditation had been granted. A company granted accreditation for a specific number of its employees should in good faith, ensure that only persons needed to work at a particular show and/or event and/or facility are permitted use of accreditation.

    Access to the venue may be subject to such measures as may be considered appropriate by ICP, national security personnel, fire department or any other authorized agency for the security and safety of the public or the smooth management of the event. Access to the venue may, at the discretion of ICP, be refused or withdrawn at any time where an accredited person is behaving in a violent, aggressive, or disorderly manner or otherwise causing a nuisance to officials, performers and/or patrons or fails to reasonable instructions by ICP or any authorized agency responsible for the safety of the public and control of the event.

    4 Liabilities
    Accredited persons using facilities and/or equipment of the ICP/PT must use the utmost care not to cause damage and/or loss. Any loss and/or damage shall be for the account of the person causing such loss and damage, or the company for whom the person works. All accredited persons enter and move around the facility at any ICP/PT show or event at their own risk. Where any loss or damage to equipment and/or property of an accredited person occurs at any ICP show, event and/or venue, ICP will only be liable if its authorized officials caused such loss or damage through their negligence. ICP accepts no liability in respect of all other incidents causing loss or damage.

    5 Third Party Rights
    Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the ICP/PT disclaims all rights to ownership use and/or exploitation of any intellectual property rights of producers of mas, designers, musicians, performers or other third parties at ICP/PT events. For the avoidance of doubt this agreement does not constitute a license or permission to record, use or otherwise exploit any copyright or other intellectual; Property Rights of producers of mas, designers, music copyright owners i.e. songwriters, composers, music publishers, musicians, performers, producers of sound recordings or other third parties at ICP/PT events. An accredited person must, prior to the event, obtain a license to record and use, in whatever media or form that may be required, the works of producers of mas, designers, musicians, performers or other third parties at ICP/PT events. The only permitted exception is where a media representative is recording an event for the limited purpose of publishing short excerpts for the reporting of current events. Otherwise, an accredited person must show such a license when requested by an ICP/PT official or any authorized agent of the Producers, Designers, Musicians and others, failing which he or she may be requested to cease recording the event. Accredited persons are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the Copyright Act, Chapter 82:80 of the laws of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

    Accredited persons who intend to record and use proprietary rights in any video and/or still photograph(s) and/or audio production at ICP/PT events must obtain from Rights Holders, prior to the event, a license to record and use, in whatever media or form that may be required at any show and/or event promoted or organized by the ICP/PT and shall be responsible for ensuring that they have authorization of the Rights Holders and making proper arrangements with the Rights Holders, for the payment of fees rights and/or royalties.

    6 Indemnity
    Accredited Persons hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless ICP/PT against any loss claim, expense or damage to ICP or each of their employees, officers and agents resulting from BREACH OF THESE Terms and Conditions by the Accredited Person. For the avoidance of doubt, this guarantee and indemnity includes and all legal expenses incurred by ICP/PT.

    7 Accredited persons are requested to have their Accreditation Passes in a visible position at all times.

    8 Still photographers, videographers, audio crew and film makers are reminded that NO UNAUTHORIZED RECORDING in any format is allowed during performances.

    9 Accreditation by the ICP/PT is ONLY for access to the venue and use of facilities provided for accredited persons. The Rights to record, publish, broadcast or transmit events in any format must be negotiated with the relevant Rights Holders, failing which the ICP/PT will withdraw accreditation without any refund to the accredited person. The media is only allowed to use, without a license, short excerpts of the performance at any event for the purposes of reporting current events to the extent justified by the informatory purpose.

    10 Accredited Persons must follow the directions of security personnel, stewards, and duly authorized persons while at the venue. Photographers and Videographers WILL NOT be allowed to block the sight lines of patrons and adjudicators at competition events, or persons working with electronic media situated in the designated area. Photo opportunities are limited to the wings o in the designate areas identified by officials.

    11 Brief Interviews may be conducted after performances that allow such time (e.g. Panorama) but will not be allowed to disrupt the flow of any such show.

    12 Accredited Persons are reminded that the enclosures are exclusive to Accredited Working Media Only. Non Media Personnel found in the area without authorization or in breach of these terms and conditions of accreditation who has committed an act of misconduct or any act likely to bring the ICP and/or its Stakeholder Partners into dispute or ridicule will be asked to leave.

    13 These Accreditation Terms and Conditions and any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with them shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. Disputes must be submitted to the jurisdiction of the courts of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, subject to the right of ICP to pursue any legal proceedings in a competent court in the defendant’s domicile, which proceedings shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.