Steelpan Icons

While the music and use of this versatile and organic instrument has spread far beyond Trinidad and Tobago in the last 100 years, at home, it is still referred to as “the movement”.

Len ‘Boogsie’ Sharpe

Composer & Producer
Sharpe began his career with Starlift where he worked as a co-arranger with Ray Holman. He is most strongly associated with the Phase II Pan Groove Steel Orchestra, a band he has taken to several finals of the Steelband competition Panorama, as well as winning the 1st place in 1987 and 1988.

Jit Sukha Samaroo

Musician, Arranger and Composer
Jit Samaroo lives in the valleys but has scaled the heights of Steelband music and competition to write his name into the history books as the most successful arranger in the 50-year history of the Panorama competition.

Anthony Williams O.R.T.T.

Steelpan Scientist & Innovator
Anthony Williams is a scientist of the Steelpan whose innovations transformed the rhythm of the old Ping Pong pan into the percussion instrument now hailed as the only one invented in the 20th century. He stands tall for the revolutionary impact of his inventions on the development of the Steelpan and the Steelband.

Ray Holman

Arranger and Composer
Ray Holman has an assured place among the all-time greats of Steelband arrangers and composers. He has enjoyed extraordinary longevity at the top of his game and holds the distinction of being the only arranger among the current crop to have participated in the very first Panorama competition in 1963.

EllieElliot “Ellie” Mannette

Arranger and Composer
Elliott “Ellie” Mannette stands in the pantheon of Pan as the Father of the Modern Steelpan for his scientific breakthroughs that changed the course of music history.

Winston “Spree” Simon

Tuner, Arranger, Leader and Pioneer.
Winston “Spree” Simon was the first leader of Destination Tokyo. He played and developed the ping-pong (today’s tenor pan) which carried eight notes at that time. The year was 1943. “Spree” would beat hymn, calypsos as well as classical tunes on his ping-pong.

Rudolph Charles

Tuner, Maximum Leader and Master Innovator.
In the area of pan design, no one could hold a candle to the unflagging energy and enterprise of Rudolph Charles.

Bertie Marshall

Master tuner, Electronic Panman, Innovator.
Bertie Marshall is called the “ Electronic Panman”, having been the first to introduce amplified pans – an innovation that should be distinguished from Tripoli’s ‘first’ use of microphones on pans.

Neville Jules

Tuner, Arranger, Leader, Innovator Supreme, Pioneer.
The birth of the steelband is synonymous with his name. Neville Jules, born on 27th of May 1921, made a contribution to the steelband movement that ranks among the most outstanding of all time.