International Conference and Panorama – 2015 August 4-9
Call for Papers

Pan Trinbago Inc. of Trinidad and Tobago will be hosting the inaugural International Conference and Panorama (ICP) on August 4-9, 2015. The Conference seeks to bring together persons involved in all aspects of Steelpan performance, development, research, and commerce to share their knowledge and experiences about the Steelpan.

The ICP begins with an Opening Ceremony on August 4 followed by the formal Conference sessions during August 5-7 and culminates with the first International Panorama on August 9. In addition, there will be a number of events including Steelpan Expos, working meetings, and tours to celebrate the Steelpan.

Towards the Globalization and Development of the Steelpan is the theme of the Conference. A major objective of the Conference is the establishment of a Centre of Authority of the Steelpan in Trinidad and Tobago. As a result, it is organized around seven (7) main Sub-themes::

Sub-theme 1: History and Development of the Steelpan

The sub-theme of the Conference entitled History and Development of the Steelpan will focus on:

  • Early development of the instrument and the pioneers,
  • Contentious issues related to the invention and elaboration of the instrument
  • Formation and character of Steelbands
  • Changing attitudes throughout the years
  • Changing demographics of Steelbands
  • How the pan movement has spread and evolved globally
  • Changing trends in arranging and composition of Steelband music

Sub-theme 2:  Science and Technology

The sub-theme entitled Science and Technology of the Conference will focus on all areas of experimental and analytical research involved in the study of the Steelpan:

  • Acoustics, vibration and signal analysis
  • Materials science
  • Manufacturing and tuning techniques
  • Innovation and use of new technologies
  • Studies in the science of the Steelpan across the globe

Sub-theme 3: Social Dimension

The sub-theme of the Conference entitled Social Dimension will include the following areas:

  • How the Steelpan positively impacts communities, schools and the society at large
  • Trends which may have influence on people being involved in the pan movement locally and globally (e.g. age, gender, geography, history, etc.)
  • Views and attitudes of the pan movement in various parts of the world
  • Use of social media and technology to spread the pan movement
  • Use of the instrument for musical therapy
  • Use of the Steelpan as a tool against crime
  • Gender Dynamics and the Steelband Movement
  • The Steelband and Politics

Sub-theme 4: Education

The sub-theme of the Conference entitled Education will include the following:

  • Music literacy in the Steelpan Movement and how this is being achieved
  • Use of technology in education (e.g. software programs, animations)
  • Preservation of music in education (use of scores, etc.)
  • Trends in music education using the Steelpan
  • Educational programmes in manufacturing/tuning
  • Linkages with educational institutions in the Steelpan movement
  • How innovation is encouraged in education
  • Comparing music programmes involving the Steelpan (in the panyard and in the schools)
  • Pre-requisites of a Music Teacher of the Steelpan
  • Audio, visual and kinematic Learning Techniques for Steelpan Education

Sub-theme 5: Performance

  • Music festivals and other competitions
  • Panorama
  • Integration of the Steelpan in conventional orchestras and mainstream music
  • Pan on the road
  • Touring
  • Instrument layout
  • Miking and amplification
  • Recording
  • Audience and attendance at Steelband events.
  • Arranging Music for the Steelpan – pre-existing and original compositions

Sub-theme 6: Economic and Industrial Development

The Steelpan is a key and iconic element of the Creative Industries in Trinidad and Tobago. This thematic area aims to explore the potential for economic and industrial development with a focus on the following:

  • How the Steelpan industry can generate increased employment (especially of the youth),
  • Potential for export earnings including the West Indian Diaspora.
  • Intellectual property value capture
  • Synergies with other sectors like educational tourism, niche manufacturing, destination and Nation branding
  • The Steelpan Manufacturing Industry
  • The Business of Steelpan- Instrument/accessory production and sales
  • The Business of Steelpan – Services
  • The Market for Steelpans
  • Careers in Pan
  • Investment in the Steelpan – Public/Private
  • Patents involving the Steelpan

Sub-theme 7: Steelpan Organizations

The sub-theme of the Conference entitled Steelpan Organizations will include the following:

  • The origin and evolution of Steelpan associations and organisations
  • How Steelpan organisations function, goals and strategic areas of focus
  • Linkages of organisations to the educational systems
  • Funding mechanisms and financial sustainability
  • Events held by various Steelpan organisations and impacts
  • How organisations network and collaborate or share knowledge and experiences
  • Best practices of various Steelbands and Steelpan organisations

Abstracts and Papers

Interested authors are encouraged to submit abstracts and full papers on the above sub-themes or any related topic to the Conference website in accordance with the following publication schedule:

Abstract Deadline: 15th December 2014

  • Abstract Acceptance Notification: February 15, 2015
  • Full Paper Deadline:   March 31, 2015
  • Completion of Paper Reviews:  April 30, 2015
  • Revised Paper Deadline: May 30, 2015

Abstracts should be between 150 to 300 words, sent as a Word attachment using font size 12 and the font type Times New Roman, together with the names of the authors, their organization’s address (if applicable), affiliation and email address. The corresponding author should be identified.  All abstracts and papers should be forwarded to the ICP Secretariat at by dates specified.

Accepted papers must not exceed eight pages including diagrams using font size 12 and the font type Times New Roman, margins of 22 mm, single line spacing. Detailed instructions on paper format will be available in the section of the menu entitled Paper Instructions.


Contact Persons:

Sub-theme 1: History and Development of the Steelpan

Sub-theme 2: Science and Technology

Sub-theme 3: Social Dimension

Sub-theme 4: Education

Sub-theme 5: Performance

Sub-theme 6: Economic and Industrial Development

Sub-theme 7: Steelpan Organizations

For general enquiries, you may contact the following:

  1. Mr. Richard Forteau:
  2. Professor Clement Imbert:
  3. ICP Secretariat: